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Terms and Conditions

A. Motorcycle rental price will include: 

  • Use of the BMW rented motorcycle;
  • The 3rd party mandatory insurance against Civil Liability (RCA) in respect of motor vehicles is provided;
  • On request, side cases and/or Top case.


B. Not included in the standard rental price:

  • Full coverage insurance with an excess of 500 euro (providing full insurance coverage in case of loss/accident/damage), about 10-15 euro/day;
  • A debit / credit card warranty deposit will be required for bike damage, fuel, security or loss of accessories. The warranty deposit will be refunded at the end of the rental period if the bike is returned on time, with a full tank of fuel and with no additional damages;
  • It is recommended for the traveller to purchase a personal travel insurance, specially designed for adventure holidays, with repatriation cover;
  • It is recommended for the traveller to bring motorcycle riding gear (helmet, gloves, jacket, including rain gear).


C. Other information

  • A day of rental means 24 hours of rental;
  • Should the motorbike be returned prior to the end of the programme, no refunds can be made;
  • In case of anticipated drop-off nothing will be refunded;
  • In order to give you the lowest prices, the advance payment is non-refundable. But you always have the option to send a friend to replace you (in case you cannot travel to Romania);
  • The motorbike will be delivered to the hirer with a full tank of fuel, in perfect state of functioning without any new defects / damages;
  • The hirer will return the motorbike in the same conditions along with its documents and accessories, at the end of the programme, at the time and place stipulated by the contract;
  • If, due to inadequate driving, the bike is damaged during the rental, transportation back to owner and repair services are payable by the hirer. In case the motorcycle damage is not critical and allows driving it without endangering lives of passengers, the hirer may decide to return the motorbike to the owner for repairs;
  • Full coverage insurance does not cover: damages of the vehicle under 500 euro; personal injuries; cost with vehicle replacement in case of accident or damages; costs with transport of the damaged vehicle to our location in Bucharest; any cost in case the police report is missing; any cost in case the vehicle was stolen and the key is not returned to the owner.
  • The loss of tools/documents/ accessories will be charged with the amount of €100;
  • Should the hirer return the motorbike with an empty tank the refuelling service: € 10 plus fuel cost will be charged;
  • Returning the motorbike with more than 2 hours of delay will be charged with the cost of 1 day of rental;
  • All traffic infringement are the responsibility of the hirer;
  • Office hours: from 8 AM to 10 PM.


D. Minimum age for rentals 

  • For all the motorbikes, the minimum age required is 25 years old, minimum 2-year experience in driving motorcycle. The hirer must hold a full, unrestricted motorcycle license;
  • A valid driving licence (type A or A1) for the rented motorbike will be requested at the pick-up.


E. Payment

  • Warranty deposit will be paid by debit or credit card minimum 12hours before pick up;
  • Rental amount will be paid by debit or credit card before pick up or at the moment of pick up;
  • Wire transfer or REVOLUT may be accepted for advance payment needed to secure the booking.