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How do I pay for my rental?

In order to book the desired BMW or Tesla, please pay (debit or credit card, Revolut or wire transfer) an advance payment or the discounted full rental price(min 30days in advance).


When you pickup the motorbike you will pay the remaining balance and the warranty deposit by sending funds from your Revolut account, or cash or by debit/credit card.


We like to make things simple so you can get on your motorcycle and get on the road in the shortest time. That's why, starting with 2019 you will be able to use your Revolut account to pay for your rental or for the warranty deposit.

This is the username you can use to transfer funds to us:  @RENT4RIDE

3D Secure Booking

To make a Deposit for a rental, click on the deposit value below:

You will then be redirected to the MOBILPAY transaction page.