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Why we have chosen only BMW Motorcycles for our fleet?


It’s happens to be asked quite frequently why we only have BMW motorcycles in our fleet. Aren’t there any other options available when buying a motorcycle? Where does this BMW passion/obsession come from? 

Our answer it’s predictable and simple: our BMW never-ending love started a long time ago. More precise, during his childhood, one of the Rent4Ride founders, Cristian, was spending as usual, the summer holiday at his grandparents’ house. Somehow, for an unknown reason, some neighbors brought and parked in the backyard a BMW car. 

We’re talking about the communist era, where even Romanian cars were hard to get and the waiting time meant 3-4 years, so imagine a boy who loved cars, wander around a BMW, looking at it and even sitting in it, when the owners would unlock it. This is how true BMW love begins. 

Luckily Cristian grew up with his passion and later in life he discovered the BMW Motorrad division. So he persuaded all of us to follow his instincts and extensive knowledge, therefore we decided to purchase only BMW motorcycles at the beginning of our bike rental business. We’re constantly extending our fleet adding different models, but BMW is always our pick. 

When choosing a favorite brand of cars and motorcycles, the discussion is endless. In the end, it’s about personal taste, not necessarily about performance and reliability. 

European motorcycles are engineered for character and sex appeal in the first place, which makes them so desirable. Their design is outstanding and it is nice to ride a motorbike which it feels and looks so good. 

However, BMW is more than looks and design. We’ve been riding for over 12 years now and we can say that a BMW motorcycle means extra safety when riding in Romania, power and the rampancy of a beats waiting to be unleashed. It’s not being the fastest, although it can be, but it’s about good balance, rider comfort and easy handling. Once you ride a BMW, you never look back. 

This is why we’re loyal to this brand, who shares the same vision with us, which has the same values we want to perpetuate in our own business: infinite passion, for motorcycles, performance, innovation and efficiency.

As you have probably seen, almost all our bikes belong to the GS series. This series is more than important for BMW Motorrad since 1980, when the first GS model was created to cover the adventure-touring segment. 

The GS segment perfectly fits the motorcycle rental business. They all have the necessary qualities to provide our rider the best possible experiences when riding in Romania, on famous or not so famous tarmac roads. 

The feedback we had so far was mainly positive, therefore we continued to trust BMW. For example, our latest addition is a BMW R1200GS, which competed to the GS Trophy. We’re looking forward to the next riding season in Romania to test it and enjoy it.

Book your 2018 ride in Romania and test our motorcycles! We’re sure you’ll have an amazing experience, provided by a BMW motorbike and some surprisingly beautiful roads. 

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