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Touring in Romania, best app for motorcycle tours in Romania


In terms of motorbike tours, Romania has many beautiful places to explore, including Transfagarasan, world’s best road trip according to Top Gear and many other perfect roads for motorcycle tours. However, it is difficult to organise by yourself where to go, what to do and how to combine your wise to create the perfect road trip in Romania. 

Travelling and discovering new places shouldn’t be hard. We believe everyone should be able to move around and see what’s out there. If you’ve decided to make the dream come true and took the first step, we’re here to support you. 

Luckily, our friends from Carpathian 2 Wheels guide have the most useful app, available on Android and IOS: Touring in Romania. It contains all the information you need to ride on 28 routes (over 8,100km/5,000 miles), covering 70 sighs in the entire territory of Romania, for the riders who prefer tarmac roads. Furthermore, you can now use the app in offline mode, you can download one or more maps if needed, and you can choose to get them in night mode as well. 

This app is perfect for the solo riders, as well as big and small groups. Do you prefer a custom schedule, a custom motorcycle tour and to explore the best of what Romania can offer? If the answer is yes, than download the app, pick up a date, book your motorbike from Rent4ride, the best motorcycle rental company in Romania, and start driving. 

The tours cover all the historical regions of Romania, like Maramures, Banat, Transilvania or Dobrogea, and 7 of them will bring you through the major mountain passes of the Carpathians. Most of the motorcycle tours last 1 or 2 days, and you’ll get information about the road difficulty, total distance and estimated duration, recommendations for accommodation, points of interest and so on.  

You’ll also have 5 long Romanian motorbike tours, with an average duration of 8 days each: more to see, taste and enjoy on a BMW motorcycle. We promise you adventure and fun, as well as safety on any of our motorbikes.

Some big extra incentives if you’re still not convinced: if you already purchased the app, all our motorcycles are available at a special price

For all our friends, the Rent4ride customers, the Touring in Romania app has a special 30% discount. You will receive the printed guide when you pick up your motorbike. 

Last, but not least, if you rent more than 2 motorcycles for more than a week, you’ll get the entire guide for free. 

Ride today. Let’s ride! Rent4Ride