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Top routes for your Romanian motorcycle trip


Creating a top of motorcycle routes in Romania or anywhere else in this world is more than subjective, as almost any road has it own beauty when you ride on a motorbike. There are better roads than other, but in the end is the pleasure of riding making a motorcycle trip better than a car trip, at least from our perspective. 

However, we decided to create a top of great motorcycle routes for the riders who live a busy life and who want to enjoy some of the best tarmac roads in Romania during the motorcycle season. 

Our first pick is Transfagarasan. The national road DN7C has become famous ever since Jeremy Clarkson, a host of the BBC's popular show, TOP Gear, drove on it and said that "it is the best road in the world”. Transfagarasan is special because there are 90 km of twists and turns in a changing and dramatic landscapes and is going up, closer to the clouds, more challenging and dramatic On top you have one of the best vistas in the country, a beautiful glacier lake and the peaks of Fagaras Mountains. It is iconic, it is perfect and due to its height, it is full of surprises. Prepare yourself for sudden weather changes even in the middle of the summer. Ride safe, ride without fear and enjoy this fantastic experience. We recommend you to share it with your friends.

The second road everyone is talking about is Transalpina (DN 67C). Romania's highest road, "the Kings' Road" is longer, more difficult and more challenging than Transfagarasan. With 148 km of exciting curves, it will keep you connected with your motorcycle, as it is not a route we would normally suggest to a beginner.

It will keep you focused and its beauty will take your breath away for 3 to 4 hours. The best part is that the distance between Transfagarasan and Transalpina is only 70 km, which means that you can ride with a good motorcycle on both rosds, one day apart. Our best selling Romanian guided motorcycle tour is of 3 days of riding and enjoying these two roads. These routes were built for motorcycles and they both have the right amount of adrenaline, safe 'danger", beauty and vistas everyone falls in love with. 

A route which will take you back on time and closer to nature it’s the route from Sighisoara to Sibiu. The both sides of the road are surrounded by old forests and this is the region of Transylvania HRH Prince of Wales has fallen in love with, as you will see some old Saxon villages with fortified churches and beautiful architecture in a pristine and calm environment. 

Although the route itself os only 96 km long you can deviate from the road to explore Saxon villages hidden from the main road, but easily accessible: Pelisor, Alma Vii, Hosman, etc. Furthermore, both these cities are amazingly beautiful and Sighisoara citadel is a Unesco World heritage site as well as Sibiu, an idyllic, beautiful city in Transylvania and an important European cultural centre. 

Romania has a wide variety of landscapes and it is more than mountains. If you want to have a great ride to the centre of summer fun, Mamaia, you can take the highway or you can choose a longer, but far exciting motorbike route, taking you from Bucharest to Calarasi, than cross the Danube with the ferry, continue on road DN3 up to Baneasa and than go North to reach Constanta. You will find on your way a beautiful lake, some ancient Roman sites, a couple of monasteries, a famous vineyard and empty roads. 

One of the most beautiful routes is the one that connects two historical Romanian regions: Transylvania to Moldova, from Bistrita to Piatra Neamt. For this amazing route you need to book at least four days to properly enjoy the natural, historical and culinary attractions you will find along this way. It has exciting curves and roads in perfect condition. This motorcycle route is ideal for May-June or September, when the colours of the forests become unimaginably beautiful. 

Check out our photo gallery with some of the the above incredible routes, hire a motorcycle form Rent4Ride and start exploring one of the most affordable destinations in Europe! 

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