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Technical problems


If you are here you have a technical issue with our motorbike or you want to study the potential issues you may encounter while renting our BMW GS motorbikes.

In case you have a problem, don't panic, try to remember as many info you can about the moments before observing the issue and contact us!

1. Problem: my BMW does not start or lost power during riding

Possible causes:

A. the battery of the motorbike does not have enough energy

B. there is no fuel inside the fuel tank

C. the dashboard of the bike does not turn on when I switch ON the ignition

Possible ways to fix it:

A. lack of charging is the most probable cause because charging regulator and charging stator/generator were damaged/burned; As a temporary solution, you can swap batteries between motorbikes; The permanent fix is to replace: charging regulator, stator and 12V battery;

B. In case you ran out of fuel, you will see on the dashboard the fuel indicator ON. Find a solution to fill in min 2l of petrol (95 or 99) and head to the closest gas station to fill in the bike full;

C. The main cause may be the lack of energy from the battery; If the dashboard turned off during riding, the fix is battery and generator replacement. Also check that the power supply plug (behind the dashboard) is firmly pressed/connected.

What can you do to prevent this issue:

- Make sure you do NOT keep the engine running while you are NOT riding/moving;

- Always make sure you use ONLY the key to turn OFF the engine;