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Ride in Romania. Is it safe to visit Romania on a motorcycle?


Dear foreign riders, 

Do you want to know what is really like to ride in Romania? In the last years, Romania has been under the limelight as a new uncovered destination and quiet a fascinating one for the riders community, due to Transfagarasan, Transalpina and other incredible tarmac routes. Adrenaline, beautiful nature, nice people are usually the words that we hear around from people who travelled in Romania. 

We have a broad experience of riding in Romania, due to the fact that we live here and we are the most loyal fans of our BMW motorbikes, but also from the perspective from all of our riders who rented our BMW motorcycles, visited the country ands shared their experiences with us. There is still a big question we still hear it:

Is it safe to travel with a motorcycle in Romania? The answer is : YES, it is. However, safety on the Romanian roads - actually on any road- depends on more aspects than in other parts of Europe.

First of all, the state of the motorcycle is very important. Romania’s infrastructure is still underdeveloped, compared to the Western countries, so there are bumps, roads under construction, holes, hazards to watch out etc. Therefore rigorously prepare your motorcycle or hire a motorcycle which is constantly maintained and taken care of. 

Secondly, the Romanian drivers are still getting used to the motorcycles and riders so don’t be surprised if there will be situations when they can make mistakes. Our advice to all our riders is to drive safely, to avoid making rapid changes of the lanes or to drive too close to the cars. Nothing out of the ordinary, just common sense rules which any rider respects in order to watch his or her back. 

Traffic. Romania cannot be compared with its other neighbours in terms of traffic. Bulgaria has many empty roads, but Romanians love to travel and they usually use the car and lately the motorcycle to do that. Bucharest is the most crowded town in Romania, mostly in the mornings, until 10 AM and between 5.30 and 7.30 PM in the evening. If you can avoid these hours, you can ride your motorcycle without any headaches from one end to the other of the city. 

During the holiday season, the traffic moves from Bucharest to the outside roads which lead to the mountains, especially on DN1, which is the gateway to Brasov and the surrounding attractions. There are longer, more beautiful and friendlier alternative routes which will take you to Bran Castle, Transfagarasan or Transalpina, so if you want to ride on Transfagarasan in the middle of August, you can still do it and enjoy every second of your trip. We like to give more than renting BMW motorcycles and we’re always here to support you 24/7 during your trip, including some pieces of advice known only by locals. 

General Safety. Romania is one of the safest countries in Europe and most visits are trouble-free. You need to apply the same safety rules you apply back home and your trip will be one more than enjoyable.  

People. Romanians are friendly and welcome foreigners. You might find some good friends here, willing to host you and to feed you with home cooked food without any hidden interest. The motorcycle community is growing and you will not be a single rider for long. 

If safety is one of your major concerns, that use the safest option : a motorcycle guided tour in Romania. A tour means no hassle, no worries, just the pleasure of riding an incredible BMW motorcycle. We have all kind of customised and general motorcycle tours in Romania available, so pick up the phone and call us, email us, whatsapp us! We love to hear from each of you! 

Rent a BMW motorcycle in Romania and share your experiences with us! Rent4Ride.