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One year in numbers


Dear riders, 

As we’ve been in the motorcycle rental business in Romania for quite a long, we can say that we don’t only rent amazing BMW motorcycles. We rent dreams and freedom sensations, we rent expectations and wonderful experiences. 

Last year has been quite a blast! We’ve found a couple of hundred of new and old friends, from all over the world, to whom we’ve rented over 1,000 days of great experiences. So we’ve decided to share with you a couple of interesting facts that we’ve discovered in 2017. 

In Romania, in 2017, most of our riders came from Israel, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Romania, Australia, Spain and Holland in descending order. It is not surprising that Israelis love Romania as in the last years, our country has been promoted as a top, beautiful and cheap destination in Israel and due to the warm weather, there is a strong growing motorcycle lovers community in Israel. What was really surprising for us is that for the first time, we had motorbike rentals from Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan and Pakistan. 

This is so encouraging, because it shows that riders from all over the world find out about the beautiful landscapes, the unique tarmac roads, friendly people and many other reasons which make Romania a welcoming country for all the motorcycle aficionados out there.

If you’re complaining about your holidays being too short, you should definitely move to Scandinavia. Swedish and Norway riders spent around 12 to 8 days on our motorbikes, followed by Canadians who rode no less than 10 days in average and Spanish riders, who allowed themselves one week in average to discover Romania.

At the opposite pole, there was only one Polish rider who rented one motorcycle for only 2 days. We will try to target more Central Europe this year. If any Polish rider is reading this, please contact us to change the statistics in 2018! And bring a friend or two! We extend this invitation to our Russian and Turkish neighbours, although we’ve seen many of them with their own motorbikes on Transfagarasan and Transalpina. In this statistics that are poorly represented.

We continued our motorcycle rental analysis in-depth and we’ve discovered that for instance, the Israeli riders prefer most the BMW R1200 GS, the British prefer the BMW G650 GS, the French riders the F650 GS and the German riders seem not to be able to decide between the top of the GS class, the BMW R1200 GS LC  and the bottom, the BMW G650 GS. The Romanian riders are in love with the BMW F700 GS. 

In 2017 we had self-guided and guided tours on our BMW motorbikes and we can tell that by far, the most requested tour was the 5 days Carpathian tour, which includes Transfagarasan, Transalpina, Bran (Dracula castle), Sighisoara, Brasov and Sibiu in one amazing trip. We’ve preparing more tours and thinking about introducing the tailor-made tours upon request. 

Last, but not least, we would like to thank all the riders that trusted our motorbikes and services and left us amazing reviews all over social media. We are so grateful to each of you and for every single moment you’ve spent on our motorcycles. We hope we see you all soon. Don’t forget to book your ride in 2018! We’re always ready! 

Rent4Ride Team