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Technical problems


If you are here you have a technical issue with our motorbike or you want to study the potential issues you may encounter while renting our BMW GS motorbikes. In case you have a problem, don't panic, try to remember as many info you can about the moments before observing the issue and co



Romania isn’t your usual touring destination, but with some of the best roads in Europe and a rich history, it should be… Ferry Fodor gives us five reasons why you should ride Romania. 1. The Transfagarasan Highway Between the Transfagarasan and the Transalpina Romania ha

Top routes for your Romanian motorcycle trip


Creating a top of motorcycle routes in Romania or anywhere else in this world is more than subjective, as almost any road has it own beauty when you ride on a motorbike. There are better roads than other, but in the end is the pleasure of riding making a motorcycle trip better than a car trip, at le

One year in numbers


Dear riders,  As we’ve been in the motorcycle rental business in Romania for quite a long, we can say that we don’t only rent amazing BMW motorcycles. We rent dreams and freedom sensations, we rent expectations and wonderful experiences.  Last year has been quite a blast!

Why we have chosen only BMW Motorcycles for our fleet?


It’s happens to be asked quite frequently why we only have BMW motorcycles in our fleet. Aren’t there any other options available when buying a motorcycle? Where does this BMW passion/obsession come from?  Our answer it’s predictable and simple: our BMW never-ending love st

Ride in Romania. Is it safe to visit Romania on a motorcycle?


Dear foreign riders,  Do you want to know what is really like to ride in Romania? In the last years, Romania has been under the limelight as a new uncovered destination and quiet a fascinating one for the riders community, due to Transfagarasan, Transalpina and other incredible tarmac routes

Touring in Romania, best app for motorcycle tours in Romania


In terms of motorbike tours, Romania has many beautiful places to explore, including Transfagarasan, world’s best road trip according to Top Gear and many other perfect roads for motorcycle tours. However, it is difficult to organise by yourself where to go, what to do and how to combine your

More than motorcycle rental | Passion turned into business


In 2000 I rode a motorcycle as a passenger, on the mountain roads of Macedonia, helped by a local who drove me to another city for an emergency. I never thought that I will feel so good, so safe and so free.  I always loved the sea and I started sailing in my late 20’s, especially beca