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More than motorcycle rental | Passion turned into business


In 2000 I rode a motorcycle as a passenger, on the mountain roads of Macedonia, helped by a local who drove me to another city for an emergency. I never thought that I will feel so good, so safe and so free. 

I always loved the sea and I started sailing in my late 20’s, especially because I liked the sensations you have on the water, the adrenaline, the sense of freedom and being closer to nature and I was surprised to realise that, on the ground, you get the same feelings when you ride a motorbike. 

Therefore, I took my license in 2005 and together with Ionut, my childhood friend went on a tour in Romania, just the two of us, 2 BMW motorcycles and 2 tents. I have travelled in my country before, but it was like I saw Romania for the first time, with different eyes, experiencing everything on a different level. Socialising when you ride a bike or a motorcycle is so much easier and you always find people willing to help, grandmothers who want to offer you some food and children who ask questions or want to touch the motorbike. The unfriendly roads for cars are great to ride on a motorcycle, the landscapes are amazing and I still believe that you cannot see and taste Romania’s or any other country’s beauty better than on 2 wheels. 

That was just the beginning of my trips on a motorbike and it soon became more than a hobby, a passion close to obsession. So it was natural for me and a close friend of mine, who shared the same infinite passion for motorcycles, to open a business, Rent4Ride. 

When we started, in 2011, we had been customers for more than a decade to businesses like ours, we knew what we liked or disliked about the motorcycles we rode, the offered services and support, as well as the overall experience of renting a motorbike and visiting another country. 

So Dorin and I decided to bring in and offer the best: we started purchasing new BMW motorcycles and we invested everything we gained back in the maintenance and purchasing other motorcycles. We were the first ones in Romania who offered free Wi-Fi to our customers, support for 24/7 and we always treated anyone who wanted to rent one of our motorbikes the way in which we would have liked to be treated as customers. 

I think we did a pretty good job, as for the 3rd year in a row we received the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor and we have customers turned into friends who rent our motorcycles year after year.

Rent4Ride has the best and the newest BMW GS motorcycles and your safety is crucial for us. This is why we are maniacs regarding the maintenance and the service for our BMW motorbikes.

We love to take care of our customers: you will receive plenty of suggestions of alternative routes, places to see, options for accommodation and free wi-fi, so you can contact us anytime. We’re present for you 24/7 and we’ll make sure that your overall  experience is safe and above your expectations. 

Furthermore, we have tours which include adrenaline, adventure, wild nature, local cuisine and many more, which we can adapt to your wishes. Even if you prefer to be a single rider, you’ll have all the necessary information and support to discover Romania’s hidden gems by yourself. 

Last, but not least, we still have fun doing it! The adventure, the nature, the travel, the motorcycles are in our blood and we love even the unfunny parts of the motorbike rental, caused by bad weather, mainly. We invite you to join our community of motorcycle afficionados. As we are a small community, there are always free places for each of you to join us!

Cristi & Dorin 

Cristi - +40726 333 888

Dorin - +40730 177 377