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How to access Rent4Ride at the Otopeni airport?


Once you land on Romania (Bucharest Otopeni OTP airport) you need to walk 5 minutes and head to Hilton Garden Inn airport hotel:

Walk from airport to Hilton Garden Inn hotel

Click on the image above in order to open Google Maps with step by step instructions.

Once you are in front of the Hilton Garden airport hotel, you need to go inside and walk to underground (level -1) parking (spot number 22).

Check out the access instructions:



Once you have completed the payment for warranty deposit and remaining amount for the rental, you will receive the security code to open the lock-box. Inside the key lock-box you will find the motorbike key.

Lock-box location


Cell signal and wifi does not work while underground next to the motorbike. In case you need to access internet please go back to the elevator hallway (level -1) or at the reception (level 0):


If you purchased 'Store my luggage' option, please head to the reception and drop your suitcase in the luggage room. Make sure to have your name written on each of your suitcases.

EXIT underground parking

When ready to start your vacation, please proceed to the underground parking Exit. If the access barrier is down, please use the intercom button from the right side to call reception and ask them to allow access.